Secondary Scholarships

The Knott Scholarship Funds award four-year, full-tuition scholarships to attend a Catholic high school located in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, or Howard counties. These scholarships look to honor Catholic students who excel in academics. To apply for these scholarships the student MUST meet ALL of the criteria described below. If the student does not meet all of these criteria, do not apply.


  • Student must be in eighth grade at time of application.
  • Student must be a baptized Catholic or convert officially received into the Catholic Church by a priest.
  • Student and family legally reside in one of these areas of the Archdiocese of Baltimore: Baltimore City, Anne
    Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, or Howard counties. If you reside outside of these areas, you
    are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.
  • Student and family are registered in a Catholic parish in one of the above-mentioned areas.
  • Student is an eighth grader in a Catholic, public, private, or home school and is applying for admission into a Catholic high school in one of the above geographic areas. Student will be asked to provide proof of acceptance from a Catholic high school when submitting a completed Knott scholarship application.
  • Student scores in the 94th percentile or above in Total Reading, Total Mathematics and Language on a nationally standardized test given at the student’s current school in spring of Grade 7 or fall of Grade 8. For students attending a school giving a nationally standardized test in spring of Grade 7, these are the only test results we will accept. *(For Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic schools, this means the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for which the score categories are: Reading, ELA Total, and Math Total.) We will not accept any private retesting result unless the student is absent from school and has missed one of these sections. In that case, the parent must present proof in the form of a letter from the principal stating the student has missed a portion of the test. The student must then be tested privately in all of the required areas, as the test results must come from the same test.
  • Students who have not taken a nationally standardized test in spring of Grade 7 or fall of Grade 8, or who have not been tested in all of the areas shown above, must be tested privately if they wish to apply ( we accept only the Stanford Achievement Test, the California Achievement Test or the Iowa Test of Basic Skills . . . not Maryland State testing). However, the student may be tested one time only and that is the only test result we will accept. Private test site administrators are given instructions to this effect. Please contact our office for complete information.
  • Student’s eighth grade first and second trimester or first and second quarter report cards (depending on system used by your school) must show grades in major subjects – Reading/Literature, English/Writing, Vocabulary/Spelling (Language Arts), Social Studies, Mathematics, Science – to be all A/A+ or 93-100, depending on grading system used. If your school gives individual grades in Language Arts subjects, each subject must meet this A/A+/93-100 requirement. If the student receives a grade of A- and this grade is equal to a number grade below 93, the student is not eligible to apply.
  • Student must take the Archdiocese of Baltimore High School Admissions Test given in December and have a Composite Score in the 95th percentile or above on this test. You will be asked to submit a copy of your test results with your Knott application. If you do not take this exam or if your composite score is at or below the 94th percentile, you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Knott Scholarships are based primarily on outstanding academic achievement. However, a small amount of credit may be given for extreme financial need. You must meet all requirements stated above, including all academic requirements, before financial need is considered.

To determine eligibility for this credit, we use the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) distributed through School and Student Service for Financial Aid of Princeton, NJ. If you submit the Parents’ Financial Statement to School and Student Service, you must submit a copy of your 2016 (not 2017) Federal tax return, to the Knott Scholarship offices after submitting your Scholarship Application. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT A PFS, WE DO NOT NEED ANY TAX INFORMATION.  Click here to access the PFS form.

All completed secondary scholarship applications must be in our office no later than 5:00 p.m. on FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018. Applications received after that date will not be processed regardless of the reason for delay. Announcement of results will be made by letter mailed on or about SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2018.

Scholarship application records are confidential. No information from any application, test score, grade report, evaluation, or tax return will be discussed or disclosed to anyone including, but not limited to applicants, parents, guardians, school personnel.


Complete the form ONLY if you meet the requirements listed here. Once the form is completed and submitted, you will be automatically advanced to the Knott Scholarship Secondary Application form.

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